• What is Doctrine?

    In a church where people talk about having “the truth,” and being so grateful to have “the truth,” I find that so many are fuzzy on what an actual truth, or doctrine, is. I know all of us understand that we have been blessed with truth. But, when I ask people (adults or youth) to… Continue Reading

  • The Doctrines of Christmas

    Note: I often feel that Christmas programs are beautiful, and well meant, and certainly full of inspiring music, and powerful scripture. I love Christmas Sundays. But, I also often leave wondering why no one ever gives weight, more weight, and meaning to the actual doctrines of Christmas–the doctrines that make Christ’s birth unique and His… Continue Reading

  • The Christlike Trait No One Talks About

    Doctrine: God allows us be in some kind of constant mortal need on purpose because our need serves multiple purposes in His plan for us and others. Being grateful in general is not the same thing as being a graceful receiver. To receive UNgracefully is to live a lie. There are many Christlike traits that… Continue Reading

  • The Power to BECOME: Spiritual Independence

    Doctrine: There is a difference between doing good and becoming good. We cannot truly become good, or as God is, until our motivation for doing so transcends expected, or even perceived rewards and blessings. Our sole motivation has to be personal peace. When we gain control of ourselves, instead of trying to control everything else,… Continue Reading

  • How to Become a Spiritual Stage Manager

    Doctrine: Teaching BY the Spirit is not the same as teaching WITH the Spirit. The Holy Ghost is THE STAR of all spiritual productions and we can make Him so as we take on the role of Spiritual Stage Manager. Spiritual Stage Management Methods (or Teaching in the Savior’s Way) must be focused around CLEAR… Continue Reading

  • What is Your Super Power?

    Doctrine: <Your super power> is the power by which God works! <Your super power> is evidence of the power and reality of your faith. <Your super power> reflects your testimony and understanding of who you are and who others are as children of God. If you could have super power, what would it be? What… Continue Reading