• How to Live After the Manner of Happiness

    What does it mean to be happy? The dictionary says it means to feel or show satisfaction or contentment. To me, that means to be at peace. I think the modern world today defines happiness very different from what it actually is—thus confusing many and creating an environment of misery and entitlement, which can never… Continue Reading

  • Living in the Present with Eternal Goals

    I remember vividly having a substitute teacher for about eight weeks in elementary school. She was a very disciplined and naturally harsh person—initially. Though, I think with time we saw a soft side to her. But, mostly I remember her taking roll call at the beginning of class. “When I call your name, if you… Continue Reading

  • What Does Your Anger Monster Look Like?

    The Monster I didn’t know there was a monster Hiding inside of me I didn’t know it was lurking there Waiting to be set free I didn’t realize that there was so much Ugliness in my heart I didn’t think I was angry at all That rage played any part Yet I have reacted and… Continue Reading

  • Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth…Seriously

    I’m a writer of fiction of all kinds. I’ve been writing for years. And, one of the biggest things I have to decide when a character visits (from another world, time, or place) and starts telling me their story is: what perspective do I write this story from? Perspective can make all the difference in… Continue Reading