• Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth…Seriously

    I’m a writer of fiction of all kinds. I’ve been writing for years. And, one of the biggest things I have to decide when a character visits (from another world, time, or place) and starts telling me their story is: what perspective do I write this story from? Perspective can make all the difference in… Continue Reading

  • The Lost Art of Pondering

    If you like this blog post I ask you to share it! Ponder whether it can help the people who follow you! If so, please share. The Lost Art of Pondering We live in a world that is literally drowning in information and social communication. Our idea of what it means to think about something,… Continue Reading

  • We’re All a Mess and It’s OK

    I have two very wise mothers. My own mother will often be heard to say, “We’re all a mess,” which is meant to be a graceful equalizer, not a criticism, to remind herself and me to cut other people some slack. As well, my mother-in-law will often be heard to say, “We’re all doing the… Continue Reading

  • What is Doctrine?

    In a church where people talk about having “the truth,” and being so grateful to have “the truth,” I find that so many are fuzzy on what an actual truth, or doctrine, is. I know all of us understand that we have been blessed with truth. But, when I ask people (adults or youth) to… Continue Reading