Life is Full of Fear. Eliminate it with Love.

Today I have a guest vlogger of whom I quickly became a fan. One video? Ya, that’s all it took. And you’ll be a fan, too. Why? Because she is a woman of truth. And when she speaks, the truth rivets you to the screen. She is an inspiration to all girls, young women, and women. I asked to her guest vlog for me and she accepted. Take the five minutes to listen to her talk about how to eliminate the fear in your life with perfect love. She knows. She’s had to fight those fears.

Thanks Rebecca Kiser!

One thought on “Life is Full of Fear. Eliminate it with Love.

  1. If we must have a substitute for you, this is certainly a great choice. She is fun to watch and really believable; full of sunshine and hope. I’m glad there’s people like her in our world.


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