God Uses Travel and So Can You

Location, location, location; this is the slogan for real estate. But, it is also a doctrine for life. Location can be something emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical. Where are you?

  • If you had to evaluate your current emotional state, or location, how would you say you feel? What emotion would you prefer to be feeling? How can you facilitate that emotion?
  • If you had to evaluate your psychological progression and your own personality, where are you on the spectrum of cognitive development, self-evaluation, self-honesty, and maturity?
  • If you had to give an account to God, today, of your life and your relationship with Him, what would you say? What part of your spirituality do you know you need to progress in?
  • Look around you at your room, your home, your neighborhood, your job, your community; is there anywhere else you would rather be? Do you have goals that can’t be reached where you are? Have you asked yourself lately, where do I want to be? Is where I am leading me to my goals? Where does God want me to be?

What is Your Location?

Travel, moving, relocation, scattering, and gathering are all types of travel that God uses to teach us, refine us, save us, and to help us progress in our relationship with Him. Sometimes He leads us to make a change in our friends. Sometimes He allows things to take place which lead to us needing a new profession, or, minimally, a new job. Sometimes that job takes us to a different physical location for our home. Sometimes God allows things to happen in our lives that make it possible for us to progress spiritually, emotionally, and even psychologically. Otherwise, we might not move. And movement is key to progression.

In Abraham 1:1 we see Abraham say, “I saw that it was needful for me to obtain another place of residence.” After years of living the gospel in a community (and family) that was idolatrous and prone to violence and persecution, Abraham was nearly sacrificed by his own father and Egyptian priests. Jehovah saves him and then tells him to get out of the land. It would be preferable that our own physical lives were not in danger before we took the hint to move, but often our psychological, spiritual, or emotional life is in danger, and if we go to the Lord with an open heart and mind He will tell us to “obtain another place of residence.”

In the Book of Mormon, in the book of Mosiah we see many people inspired to search out the lands of their ancestors. A few feel inspired to move there. After being there for a while, the children of these travelers find themselves in bondage and slavery. In two instances, those who turned to God were “led away secretly” to safety and peace. Some choose to leave home and serve missions and are gone from their regular home for long periods of time—and their travel changes them and blesses others.

Sometimes we are inspired to search out new places; and, after visiting we feel a desire to be there and to make it our home. Sometimes a negative environment leads us to open up our mind to the idea of relocating, or of returning to a place that we lived before. Sometimes, in order to escape a type of bondage, God helps us to leave a place safely.

I think it is a profound thing to realize that our locations in all aspects of our lives matter to God and that He uses movement to help us progress, to heal, to find room to grow, and to grow closer to Him. Often, God has us “move” so that we can find safety and security and peace.

As we evaluate our many locations (emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical) we can ask God if we need to “travel” or “move,” and if so, where. Are you ready to move? To progress?

Scattering and Gathering is a Spiritual Pattern

God’s use of physical movement to achieve spiritual growth is documented throughout scripture. Moses left Egypt to learn and grow spiritually that he might be prepared to move an entire people out of Egypt. The Israelites came to a point where they needed deliverance from bondage in order to have the opportunity to worship God and follow Him. In bondage they were unable to fulfill their covenants. They had to move to progress.

When Israel gets wicked, God scatters them about—creating separation—that they might learn and have a desire to repent and “return” or “gather together” toward Him again.

It is natural to find scattering of children from the home to adulthood as a bittersweet thing. But our natural propensity to set off on our own and create distance between ourselves and our parents is a natural part of individual growth. Changing location, being on our own, being separate is part of learning how to return and be unified with our family in healthy and appropriate ways.

God, Himself, created this earth, this location away from His presence, for us to be scattered to that we might learn and grow, with the intent to eventually become like Him and “return to Him.” We have been scattered from heaven that we might learn how to be one with God and to be “gathered” back home again.


We can use travel and movement in our lives to grow in amazing ways if we use it with deliberate intent. It’s a power that God uses and that under His guidance and influence we can use to create life-changing experiences and to bring about personal and family miracles. Where are you located? Where might you need to travel?

For more commentary and a fabulous discussion about The Stuff You Should Know About Travel, listen to the latest podcast by clicking here.

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