Not only do I write a blog, but I have written my own books and collaborated on books with others. Here they are! Enjoy!

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A life-changing treatise on our power of choice, our moral agency, and how the plan of salvation is designed to enable, preserve, and support that power.

“I’m feeling like I’ve just had a curtain removed from my brain. I’m a different person than when I started this.” ~Deborah Kent

Is there really something out there about relationships that hasn’t been said? Yes. And it’s right here.
Bethany Tolley’s take on the covenant of marriage is unlike any other. No matter who you are, you will find surprises in this book that change how you see all relationships, especially marriage. The doctrines she expounds make it possible for readers of all ages to walk away empowered to say “yes” to the covenant.

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Back to the Tree – POEM

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about this painting, and this poem. Download the poem for FREE. Just remember to give me credit when sharing. To buy a print, click here.

More books are coming soon!