Songs I’ve Composed and Arranged

All tracks can be listened to and downloaded for free for non-commercial and church use on my SoundCloud profile.

Forever Family Medley Piano Solo

(Families Can Be Together Forever & The Family is of God)

You are My Light

You Are My Light

To Be Like He Is

Back to the Tree

Read the Original Poem

Same Old Story

Believe in Christ

This is Life Eternal

A Family For All Time

Songs I’ve Arranged and Written Accompaniment

Also available on SoundCloud

A Daughter In My Kingdom (Section 25)

Follow Me

This is a Land of Promise

This is a Land of Promise Sheet Music, coming soon

It’s By Grace that We Are Saved

Come Ye to The Waters

© 2018 Bethany Tolley. All music may be copied and performed for incidental, noncommercial church, and personal use. For use in commercial/for-profit please contact me via my Facebook page.

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