• Studying the Scriptures: like a teacher

    There are lots of ways of studying the scriptures. This is one of the ways I have found to be, without a doubt, the most effective. It takes the work out of figuring “how” to study. It’s my first in a vlog series on scripture study. Enjoy! BT Coming soon, my blog on “Your Super… Continue Reading

  • True Love and How to Get It: PART THREE

    Doctrine: There is but one good; that is God. Everything else is good when it looks to Him and bad when it turns from Him. And the higher and mightier it is in the natural order, the more demoniac it will be if it rebels. ~George MacDonald~ I have written before about “true love.” If… Continue Reading

  • Together Forever: What Does It Really Mean?

    Forever Families is one of the few notable doctrines that Latter-day Saints preach about that sets them apart from all other Christian religions. And yet, I’m shocked at how few of them actually understand why we preach that and what it truly entails. They see in their minds that this ideal is all about true… Continue Reading

  • When Was Your Last Spiritual Temper Tantrum?

    Doctrine: Spiritual temper tantrums are all about getting God’s attention for unresolved issues and attempting to control a situation. Spiritual tantrums are the temporary absence of spiritual coping skills. Spiritual tantrums are the opposite of submitting to God’s will. Tantrums are a form of manipulation and unrighteous dominion. Satan is the father of spiritual tantrums.… Continue Reading

  • Don’t Wish it was Easier. Get Stronger.

    Doctrine: The law of opposition requires that true joy comes only in response to true sacrifice. Getting something easy only makes it less valuable, less meaningful, and less powerful. Sin and righteousness are both very hard. The only difference between them is that sin seems easier up front but ends up being exponentially harder in… Continue Reading

  • God is Personal, but He’s NOT Casual

    Doctrine: God is the exact opposite of casual. If we expect Him to be personal then we cannot expect Him to be casual. If we want a personal relationship with Him then we cannot be casual either. The origin of the word “friend” has it’s root meaning from Indo-European “to love.” And yet, where once… Continue Reading