• Happy (Heavenly) Father’s Day

    Doctrine: We have a perfect Father in Heaven, whom we can honor on Father’s Day, even if our earthly father is difficult to honor. Father’s Day… It’s a tough day for many and not a holiday at all. Why? Because despite the pictures painted by advertisements and even our imaginations, many people’s earthly fathers were… Continue Reading

  • Modesty: What’s the Big Deal?

    Doctrine: Modesty is not about keeping others from sinning, it’s about you keeping your covenants with God. At baptism we covenant to: Take upon us the name of Christ (to carry His name and be like Him) To stand as a witness of God at all times, in all things, and in all places To… Continue Reading

  • Do You Know Who You Are?

    How often have you thought you wanted something only to find that after having it, it didn’t bring with it the impact or delight you had expected? Yet, somehow, prior to possessing the thing, you were convinced, even certain, that it was going to delight you far beyond the present moment and affect all the… Continue Reading

  • The Solution to Utopia

    Doctrine: The problem with every utopia ever theorized was that it presumed the existence of a certain, fixed kind of human being, which doesn’t currently exist. Utopia ideals always fail because they can create a society, but they can’t control human nature. The only way to create a successful utopia is to first create/form a… Continue Reading

  • Same-sex Attraction: Be True to Who You Are

    Doctrine: Our primary identity is that we are Children of God. If we are true to God, then we are being true to ourselves. Christ faced and experienced ALL temptation and He overcame all of it to be “true to Himself,” and His role in God’s plan of salvation. Today’s post is a guest post.… Continue Reading

  • Treating Others as Moral Agents

    Doctrine: Free will has one specific goal and purpose: God’s desire to help us become like Him and to have all that He has. It allows us to decide, and ultimately prove to ourselves (through experience), if we desire what God desires for us. To enable its purpose, free will (agency) has set conditions; which… Continue Reading

  • How’s Your Spiritual Reception?

    Doctrine: The Gift of the Holy Ghost is about being in constant communication with the Almighty God. The baptism of fire, or the Holy Ghost, is prerequisite to entering God’s celestial kingdom. God’s commandments are how we gain spiritual reception and receive His messages, guidance, correction, and inspiration. When we place ourselves in places and… Continue Reading